Med Tehnica provides warranty and post-warranty service, according to the international regulations and to the instructions comprised in the service and user manuals, issued by the producers.

Moreover, we can supply spare parts and consumables needed to ensure the optimal functioning of the equipments.

Our aim is to establish durable partnerships between Med Tehnica and its clients. These partnerships are based upon our offer of reliable medical equipments, fit to the available budget of every client, as well as upon providing high quality services for installation, maintenance, and service.

We provide a wide range of medical equipments according to each specialization, as well as instructions for the correct use of the medical equipment, technical support granted by our staff, periodical maintenance of the devices and quick service interventions.

The services provided by Med Tehnica are:

  • Technical advice for your acquisition;
  • Support in setting up the space and environment where the equipment will be installed;
  • Equipment installing and start-up, as well as instruction sessions for the users;
  • Warranty service and maintenance;
  • Post-warranty service and maintenance, according to the service contract.